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  • Where to stay in Mallorca
  • Where to stay Mallorca
  • Where stay in Mallorca
  • Where stay in Mallorca
  • Where stay in Mallorca

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Where to stay in Mallorca

People looking for where to stay in Mallorca discover one of the best possible options in Santa Ponsa, a seaside town that has all the services in a truly exceptional setting. Our Plaza Santa Ponsa Boutique Hotel, with high scores of recommendation in major tourist review websites, has become not only a reference in the town for its location near the beach, but also for the quality of facilities decorated in a modern style and real personality.

We are one of the best hotels in Majorca as we provide all you need to fully enjoy your visit without missing anything. Be sure to check the different types of rooms available in our hotel. Likewise, we invite you to take a look at the various activities available in our immediate environment for relaxation and entertainment. Our staff will be happy to help you in any information you may need for your visit to the island.

Where to stay in Mallorca next to the beach

Here's everything you'd expect of good resorts in Mallorca, including a magnificent pool. Our hotel also has its own cuisine proposed by its restaurant QUINTA ESENCIA, as well as an attractive cocktail bar called Cubanito, both with great attention to design, comfort and quality throughout the letter.

Moreover, we are also an ideal accommodation in Mallorca to stay with children, since we have excellent deals that allow them to stay for a very low price or even free of charge in the case of the smallest ones. Be sure to check our current promotions to discover the benefits to which you have access to your visit

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Площадь Санта Понса, 2
07180 – Санта Понса, Майорка, Балеарские острова – Испания
T. +34 971 69 00 32 - info@hotelplazasantaponsa.com